To LiPo or not to LiPo that is the question


OK returning to the hobby after a ten year absence and pulling planes out of storage, I find that a lot of things have changed with batteries being one of the most striking. It seems that the NiCad batteries that I used years ago are now very hard to come by and have been replaced by LiPo batteries.  Is that correct.  It also seems that while all batteries will explode with improper handling the LiPo have combustible materials inside that can burn my barn down, unless lots of care is taken and the use of a charging bunker is recommended.  At this time I am not all that interested in electric flight but I do hope to enter that phase sometime in the future….thoughts and directions appreciated.   Safety first, always, I will buy some kind of new batteries before taking a plane into the sky.


Second part of the equation, my hobby shop is a small block room off of an old dairy barn, no heat no cooling how will this affect battery storage? Years ago we were on a strict two year battery life schedule unless discharging showed appreciable decline prior to the two years and I had no problems with my NiCads


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