My Journey Back to the Flightline—In Memory of Doc

Energized by the positive results of a few small baby steps to bring a fleet of aged RC planes which had been stored for ten years in an outbuilding back to the air it is time that I develop a plan centered on three basic principles, Safety First, Success and Sustainability.

The 3 S’s on 3/11/2017

Safety First…No I am not going to try flying planes with 15 year old batteries, even if they take a charge.

Success….At the end of a flying day I want my efforts focused on battery maintenance, cleaning planes and reorganizing my flight box, not repairing a plane that I crashed. That means resisting temptations to fly some of the planes with my rusty skills.

Sustainability….There is a certain amount of fiscal responsibility with any venture, adventure or journey. This is a hobby so I definitely do not perceive it ever being profitable, but it does have to remain within reason….My Go Big or Go Home attitude will have to be curtailed somewhat.

Yes it is a shame that the planes are in the condition they are in but don’t judge me, just hang with me….We are headed for a ride…..


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