Look Around You, Look Up Here


Down by the highway, I have noticed them for the past two evenings, when the angle of the sun gets just right the vibrancy of a little patch of wildflowers really shines. With the dark green of the hedge bushes as a background, dozens of little blooms make a resounding statement….Look Around You, Look Up Here….. Take time to make time…..Make time to be there……Look around, be a part….(Words from Little River Band, Lady)


I am still not certain of their name, I think Woodland Sunflower, Sawtooth Sunflower or Stiff Sunflower.  They are really populous around the farm fence rows.

Cropped Bumble Bee on Woodland Sunflower 9-8-2015

Not a big attractor for honey bees however the bumble bee busies herself gathering nectar and pollen.

bb in flight cropped 9-8-2015  bb Corel

From one bloom to the next the bee flies……


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